Seppapeptase: A Healthy Alternative For Pain

Serrapeptase is a healthy alternative to commonly used NSAIDs for pain relief.  This enzyme is extracted from the gut of silkworms. The silkworms produce this enzyme to digest the Mulberry leaves that it feeds on and to bore a  hole in their tough cocoon to release the butterfly.

After many successful clinical trials and experiments, Serrapeptase is administered in Germany and Asia as a standard medication. The enzyme activity of Serrapeptase is phenomenal.  It is a safe and efficient arterial chelation agent. When administering  Serrapeptase to his cardiac patients, Dr. Napier, a German research scientist, noted that this enzyme dissolved the arterial plaque thus avoiding the occurrence of severe heart attacks.  In another incident, a female patient was scheduled to have her arm amputated. After treatment with Serrapeptase, the woman recovered without the need for surgery.

As an incredibly powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent, Serrapeptase can be administered to treat all forms of inflammation without the use of steroids.  It has a 25-year history in Asia and Europe as is known in the United States as a supplement. Serrapeptase will digest cysts,  all non-living tissue, blood clots, arterial blockages, and inflammation.  Many doctors feel Serrapeptase is more effective than some traditional medicine because it does not have any dangerous side effects.

Serrapeptase has successfully treated arthritis,  fibrocystic breast disease, sinus problems, cardiovascular issues, lung problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and some injuries. For more information, visit